Friday, 22 March 2013

Perception - How Do We Change It

Last year I posted an article around the power of perception and how this can have such an influence on the way people will interact and treat you in the work place. I have since spoken to a lot of people who read the article and seen the many different ways in which it can affect them.

Perception can work in many ways, and it is unfortunately true that first impressions tend to stick. From the person that wears a suit to try and appear more important in his new job, to the guy who joined as a junior 4 years ago and always had fun. It's something that in most company's will stick with you. Once someone has this perception of you, it is quite a challenge to get it changed.

I wanted to start a discussion around ways in which we can try to change the way in which people judge people. I don't believe that people should be judged on anything other than what they do. Not what they wear, who they know, or might have done 3 years ago. As people work they learn, and they progress as people. I believe it is this inherent problem with perception that leads to a lot of people leaving the companies that they work for. The perceptions they gain during their early days stick with them, and for many the easiest way to change the situation is to go somewhere new so that new people can get a new impression and therefore perception of you.

This is a challenge that all companies face, as it is down to the culture of the business and how they reward their staff, recognising their achievements and acknowledging their progress that has the biggest influence over this.

So what are the other options to try and change someones perception of you? What have you done in the past? Did it work? What didn't work? I would love to hear some feedback on this one.